Version Control

Activating Version Control

appRules Portal manages the projects, activities, functions, scripts versioning. To use the version control and record revision option and been able to save or restore versions, the developer must activate it in his profile (in his user settings) as follows:

Prompt before save: the user will be asked if he wants to save a version everytime he saves an activity, a project..

Automatic: a version is saved automatically everytime the user clicks the Save button

If the Prompt before save option is selected, the user is prompted to save a revision each time he saves an activity:

To save a version at the project level, go the Project Details Page and click the Save Button

Reverting to a previous revision

To restore a version of an activity or a project, go the related Detail Page and click the Version Control Button (the version control button in the top bar is to revert projects only:

You can then search for revisions between two dates or for all revisions if you do not type any dates:

When you click the OK button the following screen is displayed:

Click (1) to select the revision that you want to reload (save a revision for the current project before if you want to keep a track because reverting to a previous revision will override it) and Click the Revert button (2):

The project revision is reloaded in the Designer.

When you revert an activity version, only the related activity is reloaded in the designer.