Kintone Platform

Connecting to Kintone

In addition to the authentication values, set the following parameters to connect to and retrieve data from Kintone:

  • Url: The URL of your account.

  • GuestSpaceId: Optional. Set this when using a guest space.

Authenticating to Kintone

Kintone supports the following authentication methods.

Password Authentication

You must set the following to authenticate to Kintone:

  • User: The username of your account.

  • Password: The password of your account.

  • AuthScheme: Set AuthScheme to Password.

API Token

You must set the following to authenticate to Kintone:

  • APIToken: The API Token.

    To generate an API token access the specific app and click on the cog wheel. Proceed to App Settings tab > API Token. Click on the Generate button, an API token will be generated.

  • AppId: The Application Ids.

    The AppId is the number of that specific app in the sequence under Apps in Kintone UI dashboard.

  • AuthScheme: Set AuthScheme to APIToken.

Additional Security

In addition to the mentioned authentication schemese, Kintone offers additional security in the form of both an additional Basic Auth header, and an SSL Certificate.

Using Client SSL

In addition to your authentication information, Kintone may be configured to require an SSL certificate to accept requests. To do so, set the following:

  • SSLClientCert: The file containing the certificate of the SSL Cert. Or alternatively, the name of the certificate store for the client certificate.

  • SSLClientCertType: The type of certificate.

  • SSLClientCertSubject: (Optional) If searching for a certificate in the certificate store, the store is searched for subjects containing the value of the property.

  • SSLClientCertPassword: If the certificate store is of a type that requires a password, this property is used to specify that password to open the certificate store.


Kintone environments using basic authentication will need to pass additional basic credentials. To do so, specify the following:

  • BasicAuthUser: The basic login name.

  • BasicAuthPassword: The basic password.

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