Runtime Settings

Runtime Settings associated to the user running the appRules project,


Runtime Settings are used throughout the system to determine the behavior of system operations at design time and also at runtime. This is a powerful feature that allows you to pre-configure the environments for running the projects that you will be composing and orchestrating.

To view, add, update, and delete Runtime Settings, select it from the Settings menu of the appRules HomePage.

Using the Default Runtime Settings

When a new project database is created, the system automatically adds the following Runtime Settings into your project database as a starting point:

Runtime Setting



This is the default Runtime Setting that is assigned when you do not choose a specific one. You can also use this as your main runtime setting if you are working on a small or medium sized project where the same computer will be used for development, testing and deployment. The Default runtime setting is required by the system.


If your organization follows the normal Development, Test, Production cycle, you can use Development when you are developing your projects. In this case you will set your connection strings, web service login credentials etc. to your development computer/environment.


If you will be using a Test bed you can use this runtime setting for testing.


This is the out-of-the-box Runtime Setting for your production environment. You can add to it or you can create a brand new one to suit your needs.

Adding and Updating Runtime Settings

To Add a RunTimeSetting, click the “New” button; enter the field values and click the “Save” button to add the new record to the project database.

To Change or Update a RuntimeSetting, select the specific entry in the Setting Name list, make changes to the field values and click the “Save” button to update the values.

To Delete a RuntimeSetting select the specific entry and click the “Remove” button to remove the record from the project database.


Default Culture

Determine the culture that will be used when running the workflows or validating data (when the user running the workflow is associated to this RuntimeSettings) . For example, if the en-US culture is selected, the dates handled will be in US format (Date in MM/DD/YY). When using Dynamics CRM datasource for example, the option set names displayed when querying the data will be the US ones.

If the Default Culture is set to 'Default', System culture will be used.

Caching Option

Specify the cache engine used when running in the specified environment (Redis or Internal, if Redis specify the connection string (installed by default by the appRules Setup))

Optional Runtime Fields

Define optional runtime variables and values associated to the current RunTimeSetting. For example, the default file path for all files used in a project can have different values when a project is launched in a Production or Test environment.

The Master Admin user can secure the runtime settings with a password using the Secure Button on the tool bar. In this case the other users will not be able to display or change the related runtime settings.

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