Configuring Connection Settings

Before using a data source, the connection to it must be configured by creating a connection string. To create the connection string for the data source which can then be used as a Source or Target, follow the instruction below:

  1. Select Data Sources from the Settings menu.

  2. Click the New toolbar button to select a connector and enter a name for the data source.

  3. Configure the properties of the connection string by entering values when prompted and selecting available options.

  4. Test the connection.

  5. Use the Save toolbar button to save the connection definition.

The following toolbar buttons are available on the property grid for completing tasks:

Toolbar buttonOptionDescription


Collapse all categories in the property grid


Expands all categories in the property grid


Returns to default category settings


Clears the properties and returns to default settings


Copies the connection settings from a different data source of the same type

Settings & Parameters

Displays the Settings & Parameters dialog for configuring additional data source options and defining and executing OAuth setup procedures.

Test Connection

Tests the connection and displays a message indicating the result.


Displays help information

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