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Welcome to appRules Samples

Welcome to appRules Sample projects.

The projects include samples to assist you to get up and running with appRules very quickly. If you are looking for a specific example, a detailed technical demonstration, or assistance with tackling a complex project, please contact .

Not all the sample projects will pertain to all users. For example, we have included some “Custom” samples for technical users who want to extend appRules projects by using .NET (C# etc.) or JavaScript code. The Custom examples can be skipped by business users since appRules includes other options for performing the same tasks without writing code.

appRules includes very large condition, action and activity libraries to connect users to hundreds of data sources and perform everyday data processing tasks. To hit the ground running very quickly, it is better to concentrate on those modules and connectors that you will be using for your immediate projects. Each project in the samples project database includes notes to give you an overview of the project and the requirements for running it. Click the Notes button to view project notes.

The appRules Samples Project Database includes the following types of projects:

1. Activity

These are simple projects to introduce you to composite and control flow activities. After exploring the configuration of the properties, you can run the project to view execution results since no additional configuration is required for these projects.

2. Data Migration

appRules provides an unmatched number of options for migrating, replicating and synchronizing data. Several data migration sample projects are included in the Sample projects. The examples show how to use regular flows or the powerful MigrateData activity to accomplish data migration tasks including data replication and synchronization. After running the samples, you can use the included facilities to view job statistics and audit logs.

3. Business Rules

Sample projects have been included for business rules definition and processing. These include simple projects for Decision Tables, RuleSets, etc. After exploring the configuration of the properties, you can run the projects to view the execution results.

4. Custom

Custom projects are for technical users who want to explore options for extending appRules Portal projects through code using JavaScript or a .NET language such as C#. Visual Studio projects used in the examples are stored in the SampleProjects folder. The JavaScript samples can be viewed directly in the appRules JavaScript Editor.

5. Integration

Integration projects cover data and application integration samples for a variety of data sources including Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Dynamics 365, SQL databases, CSV and other delimited files, fixed length files, spreadsheets, etc.

5. Machine Learning

The Machine Learning sample projects have been configured to include Training and Prediction on the same project to give you a straight through view of the process. At the end of the process, the predicted value and probability is also displayed. In an actual machine learning project, the training and prediction processes will be implemented in two separate projects and the results will be saved or consumed by other processes.

6. Project

The Samples project database also includes miscellaneous project examples.

7. Process Automation

The Samples project database also includes examples for automating processes in Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, etc.

8. Snippets

The Snippets samples cover miscellaneous how-to approaches that you can utilize in your own appRules projects.

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