Using PickLists

appRules includes activities for managing data source picklists (option sets).

The activities are in the appConnector.List module (see Base Activities User Guide):

- LookupPickListRecord

- IsPickListValueValid

PickLists can be entered manually or generated automatically when data source metadata is created. For example, when a Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Salesforce data sources are created, the system automatically creates the picklists for all entities.

When a picklist entry is defined, you can also enter alternate values associated with the entry. This feature can be used for looking up values for picklist entries. In the example below, when the Account.customertypecode entry is loaded, the three alternate values associated with it are also loaded and can be used any where in your project.

LookupPickListRecord Activity

The LookupPickListRecord activity which is part of the module, allows you to load the values of a picklist into a record. The record values (key/description) can then be used in the running project just like other values (using “DataFieldValue” source value).

IsPickListValid Activity

The IsPickListValid activity which is part of the appConnector.List module, checks whether a value belongs to a picklist. The value can be the key or description of the picklist. The activity returns True or False and can be directly tested using the ActivityResult condition type.

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