Designer Home Page Overview

This section covers the appRules Designer environment. It covers the main components including the toolbox, the designer, the property grid associated with the active activity, the Main Menu and Ribbon bar.


The main menu gives you access to the general features:

  • System settings including runtime, user, data source and project definitions.

  • The Run menu for directly running jobs.

  • Logs/Statistics for viewing logs and statistics from running and completed jobs.

  • Check In/Check Out for checking in and checking out project databases.

  • Job Monitor for monitoring running jobs.

The Designer is the work surface for composing appRules projects. It is the drag/drop environment on which activities are defined and connected to form the flow of the process. To add a workflow activity to any part of the designer, drag it from the toolbox and drop it on the designer.

The Toolbox shows the available workflow activities including the Generic activities and appConnector activities. The activities in the toolbox are grouped into sections.

The project toolbar gives you access to the project management tools and the properties of the currently opened Project

Project Toolbar

Adding Modules to the Toolbox

To include activity modules in the toolbox, click the gear icon located at the top right of the toolbox in the home page or select "Configure Toolbox" from the File Menu:

Select the modules to be included from each category (eg CRM, ERP, etc.) and Click ”Reset Toolbox” when done.

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