Establishing a Connection

Before you Connect

To connect to Oracle, you'll first need to update the appropriate environment variable and ensure it contains a folder location that includes the Oracle OCI Library assemblies.

If appRules is already installed on your computer, a windows PATH variable to [Installation Folder]/appStrategy/appRules/bin/x64 must have been created by the Installer.

If not, create it manually : see here

Connecting to Oracle OCI

The following are the properties for connecting to Oracle. The required properties are identified using the *** characters.

If a connection property value has special characters such as semicolons, single quotes, spaces, etc., then you must quote the value using either single or double quotes.


The host name or IP of the server hosting the Oracle database.

Port*** The port used to connect to the server hosting the Oracle database.

Service Name*** The service name of the Oracle database.


The Oracle OCI user account used to authenticate.


The password used to authenticate the user.

Browsable Schemas***

Comma-separated list of schemas to restrict browse-able database object tree.

Datasource Oracle Net Services Name, Connect Descriptor, or an easy connect naming that identifies the database to which to connect.

Other properties (Proxy...) are detailed in section common properties

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