Connecting to Airtable

The provider requests tables and views from Airtable. Authenticate, specify a base, and specify a list of tables to connect.

  • ApiKey: Log into Airtable and navigate to the Account icon in the top-right corner. Then, select Account from the dropdown menu. From the Account page, navigate to the API section. Then, click Generate API key. Set the ApiKey to the generated key.

  • BaseId: From the same API section, identify your BaseId. To locate this value, navigate to and select a base. In the introduction section of the Airtable documentation for the selected base, note the value specified in "The ID of this base is Id."

  • TableNames: A comma-separated list of table names for the selected base in the format TableA,TableB..etc.. Supply the table names exactly as they are displayed in the Airtable UI.

  • ViewNames (optional): A comma-separated list of views in the format TableA.ViewA,TableA.ViewB,..etc. These are the same names of the views as found in the UI.

Note: Do not use the '.' character in column names. It is used for building column names based on paths and may risk breaking INSERT/UPDATE statements. If you already have column names that contain the '.' character, set PathDelimiter to a character that is not used in column names.

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