The Target Entities Collection dialog includes a toolbar for performing related activities for setting up, validating and running the data migration, replication or synchronization process.

Target Entities Collection Toolbar

Below are the toolbar buttons available on the modal:


Accept changes made to the target entities collection items.

Add a new collection item.

Note: All Source-Target selections are automatically included in the collection.

Remove a collection item from the list.

Make a copy of the selected collection item.

Sets a specific property value for all collection items.

Validates all collection items in the list.

Note: Property values are automatically validated.

Add, Edit, or View Conditions used in the data migration project.

Add, Edit, or View Actions used in the data migration project.

Add, Edit, or View Data Sources used in the data migration project.

Use the Data Source Browser to query and browse data records in the source or target.

Add, Edit, or View Details of the data migration project including schedule, notifications, arguments, notes and other settings.

1-Run the data migration job.

2-Rererun incomplete job or failed records.

Note: Jobs can also be run via the Scheduler, Web API or directly using the Run menu on the home page.

View the Logs and Statistics for running or completed jobs.

Use the Job Monitor to view, communicate with or terminate running jobs.

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