Conditions and Actions are used extensively in the appRules Integration & Automation Engine.

Before continuing with the other sections, please review Conditions and Actions in the documentation for the Platform Features.

Examples of usage of Conditions and Actions in workflow activities include:

  • EvaluateCondition - Evaluates a single condition and makes the result available for use in further evaluations of conditions or workflow activities.

  • EvaluateConditions - Evaluates a group of conditions and performs a set of actions based on the result.

  • PerformAction - Performs the selected action. A value is returned if the action type is Action Field.

  • PerformActions - Performs a list of actions. Conditions can also be entered to indicate the specific actions in the list to be executed.

  • Decision Tables - The decision rows of decision tables are made up of the conditions to evaluate and the actions to execute if the Conditions evaluate to True.

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