Executing Rule Sets

Executing Rule Sets

The ExecuteRuleSet activity is used for defining, validating and executing Rule Sets in appRules. Rule Set in appRules is a set of rules and the Actions to be performed when each rule evaluates to true or false.

Creating Rule Sets

To create a Rule Set, drag an ExecuteRuleSet activity from the "Business Rules" module of the toolbox on to the designer. The following modal will be displayed:

Enter a Rule Name, then click on the button after the name to set the related condition.

For each rule, you can set action(s) if true or false.

To add new rules and actions, right click in the related area of the window to display the context menu:

Testing Rule Sets

To test your rule set, simply click the Run button from your IDE. If the ViewExecutionResults property is set to True (checked), the result of the run in debug mode will be displayed.

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