Initializing the Migrate Data Activity

Activity Initialization

To initialize the Migrate Data Activity, drag the MigrateData activity from the Migrate-Replicate-Synchronize module of the toolbox on to the designer and configure it as described in the following sections.

Setting up the Migration Job Type

Select the Data Migration job type from the list.

Based on your selection of a job type, appRules will display additional dialogs to be used for setting up the values for populating the "Target Entities Collection" which is discussed in the next section.

Initializing From an Existing Activity

To initialize the Migrate Data Activity from an existing activity, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the project database and activity, then click the "Copy Properties" button.

All properties of the selected Migrate Data Activity including the "Target Entities Collection" will be copied into the current activity.

Editing a Saved Migrate Data Activity

Once you have initialized and saved the Migrate Data Activity, you can edit it by clicking its Configure icon on the designer. The "Edit Activity" modal will be displayed:

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