To connect, set the Url to a valid Odoo site, User and Password to the connection details of the user you are connecting with, and Database to the Odoo database.

Access Rights

In order for the provider to determine what models you can access in Odoo, the user you connect with must have permissions to read from "ir.model.access" (an internal Odoo model that governs access rights). Normally this is reserved for administrators, but it can be granted to any user by creating a Service group:

  1. As an administrator, open the Odoo settings page and enable "developer mode"

  2. Open the Groups page and create a new group

  3. Set the Application to "Administration" and the name to "Service Access"

  4. Add any users who need Service access in the Users tab

  5. In the Access Rights tab, add an entry for the "ir.model.access" object, check Read Access, and give it the name "Inspect Models"

  6. Save the group

If making this change is not possible, then you should set the CheckPermissions option to false. That will list all models in Odoo as tables, regardless of what permissions your user actually has for those models.

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