Connecting to Redis

Set the Server connection property to the name or address of the server your Redis instance is running on.

If your Redis server is running on a port other than the default (6379), you can specify your port in the Port property.

Authenticating to Redis

The provider supports Password and ACL authentication. Connections to Redis instances that aren't password protected are supported as well.

No Authentication

Set the AuthScheme property to None. This indicates the Redis instance is not password protected (using the requirepass directive in the configuration file).


Set the AuthScheme property to Password and set the Password property to the password used to authenticate with a password protected Redis instance using the Redis AUTH command.

ACL (Access Control List)

Set the following to connect:

  • AuthScheme: Set this to ACL.

  • User: Set this to the username you use to authenticate with Redis ACL.

  • Password: Set this to the password you use to authenticate with Redis ACL.

Securing Redis Connections

You can set UseSSL to negotiate SSL/TLS encryption when you connect.

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