Microsoft Dataverse

1 - Authenticating using oAuth

AuthScheme: Set this to AzureAD.

See oAuth Authentication

2 - Authenticating using MSI Authentication

If you are running Dataverse on an Azure VM, you can leverage Managed Service Identity (MSI) credentials to connect:

  • AuthScheme: Set this to AzureMSI.

The MSI credentials will then be automatically obtained for authentication.

3 - Schema

Dataverse supports schema values of 'System' and 'Entities' and can be set using the Schema property.

Using 'System' for Schema property uses the Web API to query entities/tables.

Using 'Entities' for Schema property uses the EntityDefinitions entity set path and retrieves information about EntityMetadata EntityType entities/tables. This will often result in more user friendly names, though requires extra metadata requests.

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