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Field Mapping & Transformation

The definitions of the Source to Target field maps are automatically generated by appRules and can optionally be modified to suit your needs. You can use also appRules field mapping to transform Source data before saving in the Target.

The MapRecordFields Activity

The MapRecordFieds Activity

Conditional Field Mappings

You can also optionally define Mapping Conditions to be utilized in the mapping process using the appRules Condition Editor:
Control Mapping Using appRules Condition Editor
To configure a Condition to be applied to a row in the MapRecordFields modal:
  • Configure the Condition by navigating the Condition tree on the appRules Condition Editor (Condition-->Category-->Type).
  • Configure the properties of the selected condition type.
  • Name and save the condition.
  • Apply the condition by selecting it on the Mapping Condition column of a specific row of the table in the MapRecordFields modal.

Transformations Using Action Fields

You can quickly transform values in the mapping activity modal by configuring Action Fields without writing code using the appRules Action Editor:
Transform Values Using appRules Action Editor
To transform a value using the ActionField option:
  • Configure the Action by navigating the Action tree on the appRules Action Editor (Field-->Field-->Module-->Type).
  • Configure the properties of the selected action type.
  • Name and save the action.
  • On a specific row of the MapRecordFields modal, select ActionField as the Source of the value to be mapped to a target field. Then select the Action that you have created above.