Snippet - Executing Financial Functions

This sample snippet project demonstrates how to use a function from the appRules Financial library.

The appRules Financial Library

The appRules Financial Library includes Microsoft Excel compatible financial functions that are accessible from the appRules Actions Editor.

This sample project uses the ACCRINT financial function which returns the accrued interest for a security that pays periodic interest.

Financial Function Action

Below is the definition of the function to be used in the PerformAction activity. It includes the configuration of the properties required for calculating the accrued interest.

PerformAction Activity

For this sample, the Calculate Accrued Interest action is then used in the Perform Action activity as shown below. Note that the action can also be used in other objects or as part of other actions, conditions, queries, etc.

Note that the activity has been configured to display the result at runtime.

When this project is run, the result is displayed as shown below:

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