Both the REST and SOAP APIs are supported and can be chosen using the Schema property.

1 Connecting to the Marketo REST API

Before you can connect to the Marketo REST API, you will need to create a custom service.

1.1 Creating a Custom Service

To create a custom service, follow the procedure below:

  1. Navigate to the admin area of your Marketo application.

  2. Click Users & Roles in the Security section.

  3. Select the Roles tab and click New Role to create a new Role.

  4. Enter a Role Name and select the permissions for the Role. The Access API permissions are specific to the REST API.

  5. Now that an API Role is created, select the Users tab and click Invite New User.

  6. Enter the new user information and select the role that was just created with API access. The API Only option can be selected to denote the user as an API Only user.

  7. Now that a new user has been created, a new service will need to be created. Click the LaunchPoint option (Admin -> Integration -> LaunchPoint).

  8. Click New Service.

  9. Select the Custom service type and enter a display name and description.

  10. Select the user you created.

1.2 Obtaining OAuth Credentials

To obtain the OAuthClientId and OAuthClientSecret, navigate to the LaunchPoint option on the Admin area.

Click the View Details link for the desired service. A window containing the authentication credentials is displayed.

1.3 Authenticating to the REST API

Once you have created a custom service and obtained your OAuth credentials, set the following to connect to data:

  • Schema: Set this to REST.

  • OAuthClientId: The OAuth Client ID associated with your custom service.

  • OAuthClientSecret: The OAuth Client Secret associated with your custom service.

  • RESTEndpoint: The URL of the REST Web service endpoint. This can be found on your Marketo Admin area on the Integration -> Web Services option in the REST API section.

The Identity Endpoint will not be needed.

2 Connecting to the Marketo SOAP API

To connect to the SOAP API, you will need to provide valid Marketo credentials. Specify the following to connect to data:

  • Schema: Set this to SOAP.

  • UserId: The client access ID is found within your Marketo admin SOAP API panel under Integration.

  • EncryptionKey: The Marketo SOAP API Encryption Key. This key is generated on the Admin page of the Marketo website.

  • SOAPEndpoint: The URL of the SOAP Web service endpoint, provided by Marketo on the Admin page of the Marketo website.

The following are the connection properties for Marketo. Not all properties are required. Enter only property values pertaining to your installation. Several properties will be automatically initialized with the appRules defaults.

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