Cassandra Advanced Settings

Flattening Nested JSON

By default, the provider projects columns over the properties of objects, including objects nested in objects. Arrays are returned as JSON strings, by default. You can use the following properties to access array elements, including objects nested in arrays.

  • FlattenArrays: Set this property to the number of array elements that you want to return as column values. You can also use this property with FlattenObjects to extract the properties of objects nested in arrays.

  • FlattenObjects: By default, this is true; that is, the properties of objects and nested objects are returned as columns. When you set FlattenArrays, objects nested in the specified array elements are also flattened and returned as columns.

Fine Tuning Data Access

You can use the following properties to gain greater control over Cassandra API features and the strategies the provider uses to surface them:

  • AllowFiltering: Set this property to allow the server to process slow-performing searches.

  • UseJsonFormat: Set this property to use CQL literals instead of JSON.

  • QueryPassthrough: This property enables you to use native CQL statements instead of SQL.

  • RowScanDepth: This property determines the number of rows that will be scanned to detect column data types when generating table metadata. This property applies if you are working with the dynamic schemas generated or if you are using QueryPassthrough.

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