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Base Activities

Base Module

The appRules Base activities module includes activities that are used for initializing your project, closing the project, executing functions, calling other projects and more.


The table below shows the activities in the appRules Base module including their key properties.
This activity is used to make a webservice call.
This activity is used to delay the workflow execution.
Executes a custom function, expression or script
Executes a condition function, a condition expression or a condition script.
This activity executes a workflow WorkflowName The name of the project to execute Parameters Parameters to pass to the workflow. Parameters must match the workflow arguments. SaveResultIn If the job returns a value, this specifies where to save the returned value.
Most appConnector activity modules contain a mapping activity. For example, the MapAndSetFields in the File module maps file fields to be saved to file. The MapAndSaveRecords activity is a generic mapping activity for bulk-loading of records since it automatically inserts all Source records into the Target. The “SQL -- Batch Export to File” project in the Samples database demonstrates the use of this activity
This activity is used for sending an email to one or more recipients. You can also use this activity to send bulk emails. FromEmail The Email address that will be used for sending the email FromName Optionally, the name to use for sending the email ReplyTo The ReplyTo email address Subject The subject of the email To Recipients of the email BCC The blind carbon copy recipients of the email CC The carbon copy recipients of the email. Body The body of the email. This can be defined using Text or Html.
This activity sets selected values (source datafields, variables…) in the project to new values. The window below shows the properties of the collection items:
This activity transforms the values specified in a collection using the available transformation options (using preset transformations for strings, dates, numeric values or custom functions).
This is an optional activity for updating the current state of a running job -- normally this is done automatically.
This is an optional activity for logging entries in the project database: LogEntryType The type of entry to be logged DataSourceRecord, DataSourceStatistics, Error, Message, Warning, or SelectedValues LogText The message to display if LogEntryType is Message DataManager Specifies the Source or Target if LogEntryType is DataSourceRecord, DataSourceStatistics or SelectedValues. SelectedValues Values to log if LogEntryType is SelectedValues