Parent-Child: Parent Project

The Parent-Child: Parent Project sample project is used for demonstrating parent/child projects in appRules. A parent project can has an unlimited number of child projects which can be called from the parent. Child projects allow you to split very large projects into smaller projects to make them more manageable in the designer.

In this example, the project reads values from a data source. In addition, it also sets some values to be displayed in a child project. Lastly it calls the child project which displays the values.

To create a parent project, click the New button and select Parent Workflow as the project type.

Below is the Project Details form of a parent project. Notice that the Projects tab shows the child projects for the parent project:


This sample uses three activities to set up and call the child project as shown below. Explore the activities to view the settings of their properties.

When this parent project is run, it calls the child project to display the values retrieved in the child project using the ViewRuntimeValues activity:

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