Using the appRules Designer

To create your project, simply navigate to the appRules designer home page and drag-and-drop activities from the toolbox on to the designer.

The user id to be used for accessing the designer must be set up as a developer in user settings

There are several sample projects in the Samples database that show examples of completed projects.

To configure an activity:

  • Optionally edit the Display Name of the activity.

  • Optionally enter a short description for the activity.

  • Select the Execution Plan for the activity (Automatic, On-Demand, etc.)

  • Configure the required properties using the many built-in property editors.

  • Optionally configure the condition for executing the activity.

  • Optionally configure the actions to execute based on execution events.

  • Click the Save toolbar button to save the activity. If no errors are found, the activity configuration will be saved.

  • Once saved, you can connect the activity to another activity by dragging an arrow from one activity to another.

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