Evaluating Data Migration Job Results

During and after the run, you can utilize the many facilities available in appRules to view results and statistics.

The appRules Data Source Browser

You can browse the the source and newly replicated data records using the appRules Data Source Browser as shown in the figure below.

You can define queries to load records and optionally even edit data records using the appRules Data Source Browser:

Logs and Statistics

To view "Data Migration Logs and Statistics", click the "Logs/Statistics" button on the "appRules Data Migration: Target Entities" toolbar. The following modal will be displayed:

appRules Data Migration Logs and Statistics offer a rich set of options to give you insight into running or completed jobs as show in the sections below. Simply configure the selection criteria that meets your requirements and click on the Summary, Statistics, Project Run Details or Audit Log Details toolbar button.

Job Summary

At any point, you can access the Data Migration Job Summary to view the results of running or completed instances:

  • Job Status

  • Completed Record Counts

  • Skipped Record Counts

  • Error Record Counts

Job Statistics

Gain insight on the state of running or completed job instances by viewing job statistics.

Project Run Details

Gain insight on the state of running or completed job instances by viewing Project Run Details:

  • Job Instance detail including reference, start, end, duration, current state, etc.

  • Snapshot View of Audit Log Details including Success, Failed, and Skipped Record counts.

  • Workflow Activity Statistics

  • Data Source Statistics

  • Condition Execution Results

  • Action Execution Results

  • Arguments & Variables

  • Runtime Logs & Errors

Audit Log Details

You can configure your appRules data migration, replication and synchronization jobs to capture all pertinent information regarding every source and target record involved in the process. This level of detail is especially useful in heavily validated organizations and offers the best tool for reconciling the results of the process.

Audit Log Details can be viewed by accessing the Data Migration Logs and Statistics modal and selecting the range of log entries to view.

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