Connecting to WooCommerce

In order to connect to WooCommerce, you also must specify the URL of the instance to connect to.

  • Url - Set this to the base URL of the WooCommerce instance to connect to. For Example : Url=http://localhost/woocommerce/;

Authenticate to WooCommerce

WooCommerce supports the following authentication methods: Basic Authentication, one-legged OAuth1.0 Authentication and standard OAuth2.0 Authentication.


Some plugins and some servers may interfere with the Authorization header, if not configured properly.

For these cases, Basic authentication may be used. In this authentication mode, the user provides the consumer_key and the consumer_secret as user and password respectively.

These credentials are then sent as query parameters with each request.

Specify the following properties:

  • AuthScheme - Set this to Basic.

  • User - Set this to your consumer key

  • Password - Set this to your consumer secret

One-legged OAuth 1.0

Specify the following properties (NOTE: the below credentials are generated from WooCommerce settings page and should not be confused with the credentials generated by using WooCommerce OAuth2.0 plugin):

  • AuthScheme - Set this to OAuthOneLegged.

  • ConsumerKey

  • ConsumerSecret

OAuth 2.0

Installing the plugin

You will need the OAuth2 Plugin in order to authenticate via OAuth2.0. To install the plugin manually, copy the downloaded folder to the wp-content\plugins folder and then Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in the WordPress admin interface.

Custom OAuth Credentials

To create an OAuth application, log into your site through the admin panel, navigate to OAuth Server and click on Add New Client. After filling in the required fields, you may click "Create Client" and the following Oauth credentials will be displayed:

  • Client Key - This will be your OAuthClientId

  • Client Secret - This will be your OAuthClientSecret

Note that while creating the OAuth application, you will be required to specify a Callback. This is the url the user will be redirected to after explicitly granting access. WooCommerce does not do any validation on this however, so you can input something like http://localhost:33333.

You can now use these credentials to connect to WooCommerce by setting them as the following connection properties:

  • OAuthClientId = Client Id

  • OAuthClientSecret = Client Secret

  • InitiateOAuth = GETANDREFRESH

  • CallbackURL = Callback

  • Url = The URL of your instance

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