Business Central Endpoints

Dynamics 365 Business Central supports several different endpoints to connect to data, with the two main categories being the Common Service endpoints, and the Web Services endpoints. Beyond that, each set of endpoints are split into Production and Testing endpoints. Production endpoints require an OAuth connection, whereas Testing endpoints may be connected to via User and AccessKey. Note that both Production and Testing endpoints access and interact with the same data - they just have different restrictions on what authentication methods are allowed.

The OrganizationUrl by default will attempt to resolve to a Common Service Production endpoint if any URL is specified. However, this may be configured by modifying the EndpointType. In addition, specifying any will override both EndpointType and UseSandbox as the specified OrganizationUrl supplied will be used without alteration.

Common Service Endpoints

Common Service endpoints contain the business data associated with Dynamics 365 Business Central. For instance, accounts, sales orders, and sales invoices will all be found on the Common Service.

Common Service Endpoints - Production

  •{environment name}/api/v1.0



Common Service Endpoints - Testing

  •{tenant id}/{environment name}/api/v1.0

  •{tenant id}/api/v1.0

  •{tenant id}/sandbox/api/v1.0

Note: The Tenant Id is the id of your tenant in Azure that the Business Central app is available on. This may be obtained by logging into, selecting your user name, and going to Switch Directory. It may also be found under, going to Active Directory, and Overview. Environment names may be found under{tenant id}/admin.

Web Services Endpoints

Web Service endpoints include anything that has been custom exposed in Dynamics 365 Business Central. This may include KPIs, reports, individual entites, or other feeds. In Dynamics 365 Business Central, click the magnifying glass and search for Web Services to get an idea of what all are exposed by these endpoints.

Web Services Endpoint - Production


Web Services Endpoint - Testing

  •{tenant id}/ODataV4/

Endpoint Default Changes from 2019

In the 2019 version, the default endpoint resolved to was the Web Services testing endpoint if a url was supplied to OrganizationUrl. The new default is the Common Service production endpoint. To continue using the Web Services testing endpoint, either set it directly or change the EndpointType to WSTesting.

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