Custom Queries

This sample project demonstrates how to define and use a custom query to read data records.

In the sample, instead of configuring selection options for the source, the appRules Custom Query Editor is used to define a simple query.

Feel free to experiment with your own queries.

The appRules Custom Query Editor supports SQL query access for all data sources. This includes not only relational databases, but also SaaS platforms such as Salesforce, Dynamics365, Snowflake, etc.

Points of interest:

  • 1 - InitializeSource Activity

Select CustomQuery as the QueryType instead of Configuration. Click the Add/Edit Query property to define the custom query:

  • 2 - While Activity

The While activity is used to loop through and view the resulting records. It has been configured with a condition to to end after reading the last record from the dataset.

  • 3 - ViewRuntimeRecords Activity

This activity has been configured to display the current record. In an actual project, the values can be used for loading additional data, calculations, etc.

  • 4 - GetNextRecord Activity

This activity gets the next record from the resulting dataset.

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