Entities to Csv Migration

The "Entities to Csv Migration" option is used for migrating data from a source to a folder of CSV files.

To perform "Entities to Csv Migration" using the appRules Data Migration Engine, drag-and-drop the MigrateData workflow activity from the toolbox on to the designer and configure as follows:

  1. Enter a display name and description for the workflow activity or accept the defaults.

  2. Select "Entities to Csv Migration" as the Data Migration Type.

  3. Select the Default Source. If the Source data source does not exist, you can use the New Data Source button to add it.

Click the OK button to accept the entries and continue.

The following modal will be displayed:

Select the entities that will be exported to CSV.

Click the OK button to accept the entries and display the Target Entities Collection.

Target Entities Collection

Since the Target is a CSV folder, most properties in the Target Entities Collection are auto-generated.

Refer to the Target Entities Collection section for notes on configuring the target entities.

Run your data migration project after configuring, reviewing, and saving the Target Entities Collection.

The files will be created in the default output folder: ...DbFiles[YourProjectDbName]\DataMigration\Output

Review the Batch Data Source Entities to Files sample project to learn more about how to create "Entities to CSV Migration" projects in appRules.

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