Conditional Actions Execution

Conditional Actions Execution sample project demonstrates how to use the PerformActions activity in the Business Rules module to execute a series of actions.

The workflow activities and other modules used in this sample project are available in the following appRules Platform products:

Platform ProductAvailability

appRules Data Migration Engine

appRules Integration & Automation Engine

appRules Enterprise 360

The action executions can be based on the results of executed conditions.

The page below shows how to configure the ActionItems property:

Points of Interest:

  1. In row 1, the selected condition is executed. if the result is True, Action Default/True action is executed. If the result is False, the Action False action is executed.

  2. In row 4, since no condition is specified, the action specified as the Default action is executed.

  3. You can use the Option button to select the execution option from a list of available options.

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