Apache Hive

Connecting to Apache Hive

Specify the following to establish a connection with Apache Hive:

  • Server: Set this to the host name or IP address of the server hosting HiveServer2.

  • Port: Set this to the port for the connection to the HiveServer2 instance.

Authenticating to Apache Hive

To authenticate to Apache Hive, set the following:

  • TransportMode: The transport mode to use to communicate with the Hive server. Accepted entries are BINARY and HTTP. BINARY is selected by default.

  • AuthScheme: The authentication scheme used. Accepted entries are PLAIN, LDAP, NOSASL, and KERBEROS. PLAIN is selected by default.

Securing Apache Hive Connections

To enable TLS/SSL in the provider, set UseSSL to True.

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