Sourced Values Overview

To deliver a code-free environment where projects can be created and deployed quickly, appRules employs “Sourced Values”. In simple terms, a Sourced Value allows you to quickly select a source for a value and an identifier for it. To specify a sourced value, you select the Source and then specify a value identifier (Source Value Identifier). Below are some examples of the many sourced values used in appRules:

SourceValue Identifier


The String source allows you to enter any value in the value identifier.


String:John Smith


The DataFieldValue source gets a value from a record that exists in a specific Source or Target in the project.



Gets the value of the LastName column in the Employees record.


The DateTime sourced value points to a date/time related value. They can also be used to specify other date/time related data. Example:


Generates the current date/time.


The ActionField source allows you to select an action that you have defined using the Action Editor to get a value.

The above examples give you an idea of how Sourced Values are defined and used in appRules. They can be used to get and set data anywhere in your projects.

By providing a rich set of editors to manage Sourced Values, appRules is able to provide a very powerful and flexible combination that gives users the fastest and most compact environment for configuring workflow activities, actions, conditions, and orchestrating processes.

Sourced Values Examples

Sourced Values in Query Configuration

Below is an example of Sourced Values used for configuring a query:

Sourced Values in Mapping

The example below shows Sourced Values in use for mapping.

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