Creating a New Project Database

To create a new project database in appRules , select “Master Admin settings” from the file menu, log in with the Admin credentials and select the Create New Project Database option from the Admin Settings menu

In the “Create New Project Database” window below, enter a unique name for the new project database, and follow instructions to complete other fields. The database type and connection string are required.

Database Type:

Select the database type to use. If you are unsure, you can utilize the

default type of SqlServerCE. SqlServerCE is included in appRules Portal so

no additional software is required. When you select SqlServerCE, the

connection string is automatically created for you (the database sdf file will be created in the appRulesPortal\PortalData\ProjectDatabases directory.

Connection String:

Enter the connection string to be used for accessing the database. You

can optionally click on the button to configure the connection string.


Select the authentication type to be utilized for gaining access to

appRules Portal while accessing this project database.

If you are unsure, you can utilize the default type of Basic which allows you to maintain appRules Portal users and passwords in the project database.

The default user Admin (password: Admin) will be automatically created.

Click the OK button to create the project database or to save changes to the project database.

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