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HostService Settings

Run the appRules.HostService executable (located in the [Install Folder]\appStrategy folder) and it will immediately serve the appRules application to port 8080 by default.
A sample cmd file to install and uninstall the host service is available in the appStrategy\Services_Installation folder)
Note: You may get an “Access Denied” error if you are not running on a Windows Server and don’t have Administrator privileges because Windows blocks attempts at listening to all domains (*). In which case add “-d:localhost” to accept local connections, or run as administrator.
(none) or -start
Starts the host process for appRules Portal
Stops the process for appRules Portal.
-p:{port} or -port:{port}
Changes the port. The default port is 8080.
-d:{domain name} or -domain:{domain name}
Limits the domain: i.e. * = all, or localhost to accept local connections only. The default is *.
-i or -install
Installs appRules.HostService as a Windows service appRules Portal You can mix “-i” with “-p:” and “-n:” and “-d:”.
-u or -uninstall
Uninstalls appRules.HostService from the Windows services.