Create a new Project


The jobs you create in appRules are organized as specific projects. Each project includes the workflow representation of the job, conditions, functions and other definitions required to run the job. Projects are stored in the project database. They can also be copied from one project database to another. appRules projects can be created, composed and orchestrated directly in appRules.

Add a New Project

To create a new project in appRules, click the “New” application menu button on the top left corner of the main appRules window

Enter the required information and click the OK button to create a new project.

Once created, all definitions for the project will be associated with it and will be accessible from the Project Details page.

Note: In appRules, the terms project, workflow, job, etc. are used interchangeably.

Enter the values for creating the new project as follows:

Name Enter a unique name for the project.

Usage Enter the main usage for the project. A brief description is displayed for the selected usage type.

Trigger You can optionally specify how the job will be triggered.

Click the OK button to create the project and continue.

Note: The Project Details for the newly created project will be displayed. You can define the schedule, scripts, functions, variables, counters, etc. or you can jump right in and start composing the workflow. You can return to the project details page at any time to make changes or to view reports.